About us

Since its inception in 1992, every brick of Dean Group is laid in Trust, cemented in Faith, and plastered with Customer satisfaction. Today, the company is built with strength and expertise, to create a mark of creative and contemporary work which is accepted and appreciated across the country. With a vision for better construction, and great concern for the better environment, Dean Group is now a driving force of innovation in design, that creates top notch structures to deliver happiness in living, with a touch of pleasure and fulfilment The company now caters to the wide variety of needs in housing; right from the flavour of necessity to the Bliss of Paradise mammoth houses at ease. Our buildings are built in such a way that there is sufficient natural lighting and fresh air flow, as we impart climatology which is the scientific study of climate in all our structures.

With a two-decade experience in the industry, we deeply understand the importance of ethics and always make sure that it is our top priority at work. We, become a part of your dream by building them with utmost passion and care because your satisfaction is our gratification.

We believe in providing unique designs by using cut throat technology to decrease the costs for a cheaper price than expected. For us, unique designs are designs which are not just different but also better than others. We have constructed hotels, malls, commercial spaces, multiplexes and IT parks, with sheer excellence and precision built residential buildings. We always believe that our relationship is not just confined with projects, because we don't just build properties, we build long lasting relationships.


Dean Group believes in the 'Blue Ocean Strategy”. We create houses which are unmatched in that range from all dimensions of Price, Quality, Amenities, and Eco-Friendliness.


Leadership is the ability to help people achieve things they don't think are possible.


Deliver Homes in time with all expertise of contemporary planning,
quality work, long-lasting efficiency and elevate environmental needs.

Our Priorities

Upgrading infrastructure in Semi-Urban locations.


Mr. Amir A - Engineer

Chairman & Managing Director.

Mr. Amir’s 25 years of experience has seen a generation of Real Estate Development, which forms the very base of Dean Group. This experience translates into the vision of creation and ultimate satisfaction. Setting high standards in all our endeavors to the extent of appreciation; with determination to fulfill all set goals timely.

With the vision of the CMD, Dean Group is time to time migrating into various types of projects from Compact Housing; Signature Grandeur Bungalows; Elegant design Homes; Flats that people cherish to live in; Commercial complexes; Resort Development, etc. his passion for creation adds every season new ventures to its list.

Mr. Amir is also involved in various Social & Community Projects and a member of various groups like Rotary etc.

Mr. Amaan A - Engineer

Executive Director

The responsibility of creativity “Dream come true Designing” the “Fusion of environment with Living”, all in the hands of Amaan, our Executive Director. Well experienced and qualified from Mumbai University in the field of Architecture, the tremendous effort he takes to “Make a Mark” in every type of project with great research, leads to “Modernity and Courage” moving forward in the interiors of the State. Amaan’s forte lies in analyzing a specific Urbane to the utmost detail at both Micro and Macro levels. Understanding the need of the hour of the human activity and keeping in mind the dynamics of growth in the particular region and then:
- Conceptualizing an architectural solution from the Analysis, keeping the End Users, the Environment, and the Market Economics as the Three main pillars of Decision making.
- Detailing out the Architectural Solution which is Functionally appropriate for its desired use, Economically viable to the desired use, Environmentally friendly and at the same time an Architectural Marvel.

Dean Group’s dream of creating Landmark Projects is translated by the “Youth and Caliber” of our Executive Director.